Glass Coated Products

Glass Coatings

G.C.P Paint System was exclusive formulated and tested by Resene Paints as a new generation of innovative paints that stick to glass like no other product on the market. The G.C.P Paint System has had extensive testing including wet and dry adhesion, permeability, heat, boiling water and humidity resistance.

The G.C.P Paint System guarantees ease of application and a high quality coverage ideal for the glass coating industry. With an increase in  the number of applications that painted glass can be used for now. It is more important than ever to get a high quality glass coating system that is simple to use.

In addition to the outstanding range of over 10,000 solid colours which have been formulated on our exclusive  Colour Lab ( The G.C.P Product has pushed the boundaries of colour, design and technology with its metallic range of 150 spectacular colours in alloys, golds, industrial greys and lustrous, powerful colours and pearlescent finishes.


The G.C.P Paint System

The G.C.P Paint System comprises of 8 bases and 16 tinters. The bases is comprised of  Silver Aluminium, Fine Silver, Blast Grey, Ultra Fine Silver, White, Ultra Deep, Red, Yellow and Magenta.

The four different silvers provide you with the capacity to provide your clients with an outstanding range of colour and Metallic textures.

The system come with a custom made mixing bank that is only 1500 wide x 300 deep making it easy to store and mix paint.

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