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Altitude Floor Exhaust Filter Media 0.75M x 20M F 1

Altitude Exhaust Filter?s are specifically designed to collect the paint overspray from your paint or finishing application. Applicable for down draft, semi downdraft and furniture booths. The fibre glass paint filter is environmental efficient. Altitude Exhaust Filter Media are available in a fu...

Kuptown 750ml Calibrated mixing cups

Kuptown 750ml calibrated mixing cups are perfect for the automotive and timber coating industries. They come with easy to read measurements. The cup has 2:1 up to 5:1 mixing ratio's at 10% thinners. It has been designed to mix a pot amount and are crack resistant. These Australian made products a...

Sundstrom Particle Filter A1 5 Pack (SR217)

The SR217 High performance particle filter class is used against vapour from organic substances whose boiling point exceeds +65íŸC (150F). The filter contains 70 g (2.5 oz) of activated carbon. If environment contains both particles and gas, a particle filter must be fitted to the front of the ga...
Andreae Sundstrom Meguiars